Jamboree Denmark Summer 2022

Jamboree Denmark is the largest camp for scouts and guides in Denmark and the largest camp for children and young people in the Nordic region counting an expected 40,000 participants from all over the world. Jamboree Denmark is organized jointly by The Danish Guide and Scout Association, The YMCA Scouts, The Green Girl Guides, The Danish Baptist Scout and Guide Association and the Danish Scouts Corps in South Schleswig.

Jamboree Denmark is a huge experience for the scouts and guides at the personal level and something you want to share with your friends in guiding. In addition to this, Jamboree Denmark provides the guides and scouts with a global perspective where they get to feel part of the global community and realize that there is a lot that binds us across country borders, ethnicities and faiths.

Jamboree Denmark concept is based on the shared values of the guide and scout organizations. This generates the fundamental notion that you achieve much more when working together than on your own, you acknowledge that also other people’s inputs are of equal value, you respect other people in spite of different characteristics and you believe in other people’s good intentions and you are curious to explore the perspectives and opinions of others.

Teams are already now preparing the 2022 camp. We hope to bring more information about how to register soon.

Sleeping at the Spejdercenter Holmen Guide and Scout Centre

If you want to stay one or more nights in Copenhagen, for example with your company, our guide and scout centre, Spejdercenter Holmen, offers up-to-date facilities, an exciting story and highly flexible rental conditions. You can almost have it your way.

Read more about how to book Spejdercenter Holmen at the website: https://spejdercenterholmen.bookhus.dk/Velkommen.aspx