The Green Girl Guides Denmark

The Green Girl Guides is a girls-only guiding association. We count about 4,000 members divided onto 120 local companies (called gruppe in Danish) all over Denmark. We have acquired extensive experience offering girls challenging outdoor activities for more than a century. Girl guides are girls with courage. In our opinion you learn from your mistakes; it is more important to have the courage to launch yourself into new ventures rather than accomplishing everything to perfection. Green girl guides become entrepreneurs in their own lives. They learn how to seize whatever opportunities come their way.


We provide girls with courage and we set the world in motion.


It is our mission to empower girls and women to develop and reach their full potential.

The Green Girl Guides is the largest girls-only community in Denmark. In our association, girl guides do not have to think about which activities and jobs are ‘for girls’ and ‘for boys’. This provides girls with a space of their own – free from expectations to what a girl should say, believe and be. This allows every single girl guide an opportunity to just be herself. For the Green Girl Guides it is not a question of what you might achieve as an individual but what we can achieve together.

The Green Girl Guides is based on Christian values and make an effort to abide by these. As a member of our association, the girl guides meet adults who have the courage to talk about faith but also about doubts and the more difficult aspects of life.

To learn more about us and venture into life as a girl guide, we encourage you to locate the girl guide company (gruppe) closest to you and get in touch with their contact person. Find a girl guide company close to you.

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Korpskontoret is the secretariat, the HQ of The Green Girl Guides.